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Emma Martins

I’d been working for 10 years as a TV producer on factual programmes, when I left for holiday to Vietnam. There I caught a life-threatening virus. I was in hospital for three months and given a 20% chance of survival.


Five years on, I have a brain injury, partial sight, cognitive fatigue and severe dyslexia. But in spite of all this, I am getting better all the time and fortunately my disabilities are concealed!

To keep working in the media, I did work experience at the podcast company Acast, where my friend works. After a year, they asked me if I would like to do my own podcast series.  With a huge amount of help from them, The Longest Battle is the result.

There is still a long road ahead of recovery for me, as brain injuries seem to take forever! Since I feel grateful to be alive, as part of my rehabilitation I have created this series to help other people going through their own traumas and life battles. 

The series is the product of two years of challenging myself to organise, research, and meet my contributors. I have enjoyed meeting every one of the show’s different fascinating guests, each with varying degrees of severity of personal problems. But all have overcome huge challenges and inspirations with their incredible stories. 

I hope you will enjoy The Longest Battle and will be inspired as much as it has helped me.



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